A Tea Date


*warning: this post may be considered a tad extra gushy lovey dovey and I promise not all posts will walk in this direction but it kind of just happened and I kind of just liked it😜*

He might’ve been the first person I met that didn’t drink coffee. Granted, this was a huge turn off.  Who doesn’t like coffee? Apparently a ton of you.

I just don’t understand and I’ll never understand. But we still married.

If he’s not tickling Judah Bear he’s most likely busy dreaming up his next big venture. The wheels are always turning- sometimes I see the steam piping out of his ears. His imagination running, leaping, twirling, racing and speeding through a set of jumping jacks. If his imagination had a personality it would be this hyperactive, OCD, running wild and untamed little boy having the time of his life playing with a box of legos. 😂

But I’m not exaggerating.

“Heather! What do you think of this…” or “Boo! I have an idea…” are some of the phrases I’ll hear yelled across the room day to day. And I can’t help but smirk every time. It kind of just happens involuntarily. Simply because I can taste the excitement he has just thinking about something new. It’s super cute.

Passion oozes out of his skin. When he’s set on an idea, he’s in love. His hands do this hilarious habit. They sort of CLAP really loud, a sharp “WOO!” jumps out of his mouth, and he swipes his hands back and forth super fast like he’s about to start a fire. All the while a huge smile, teeth and all, runs across his face.

My heart loves him. He’s simply the best. *Cue music and hair whipping* For those interested in continuing that thought of Tina Turner rocking out, click here. 

So, when it was time to sit and sip a hot cup of tea between just the two of us I was more than thrilled.

Judah was hanging out with one of his favorite people in the world, his Grams. The silence back at home was unbearably loud but oh so very sweet.

As the months race by I recognize how important & necessary is time spent with just the guy who I have made a promise to love & to hold until the very end. No diapers to change, noses to wipe or little hands yanking my hair. Just us.

So we walked to our neighborhood coffee shop, Coffee Rx- to drink tea of course. Decaf tea. :-) But it was dang sure great quality tea!

Tea & Phone




I asked Justin a series of questions I thought others might be interested in hearing him answer. That post will be featured next week as its a bit too lengthy to place here. But basically he answers questions on starting a church, pastoring, business advice, book recommendations and his preferable last meal on Earth. Because who wouldn’t want to know that answer, right? The suspense is a killer!

Our mini tea date reminded me of a quote that touches my heart.

“Marriage is two flawed people coming together to create a space of stability, love and consolation, a haven in a heartless world” – Tim Keller

This post isn’t about marriage advice, because trust me I don’t have any. But it is about a guy who strives to create a space for me to feel secure in who I am and loved no matter what I do. He took the time to take me to my favorite coffee shop all because I had an idea to interview him. He answered every question with care and not once doubted my vision for this blog.

Don’t you just love when a person reminds you of the goodness and grace of God? A small act of kindness can certainly go a long way. I’m not sure how to come to a close, but I guess my heart is heavy with thankfulness. Thankful that my boys will grow with Justin as their dad. And thankful that I have a lifelong friend who will listen to my every success & my every failure and still grip my hand tightly along the way.

His feature will be posted soon. Until then, I’ll end with a quote as I always do. I’m sort of obsessed with great one liners 😊. Until next time. ❤️




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    Elaine Ortiz
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    Okay, KLEENEX!!!!!!!
    Love, just pure LOVE! From beginning to end!

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      April 23, 2016 at 9:41 am

      You are so sweet! Thank you Elaine for all of your comments. They really meant a ton to me!!

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