About Me


Hi! I’m Heather, born and raised in Brooklyn, and loving every minute of it! I’m 24, a wife to Justin, mama to Judah and another on the way.

I love design, interior and graphic, and its role in setting the tone of a space. I love learning. Some of my favorite topics to read are leadership, team building and character development. I love studying people, why they do what they do or think what they think. I love conversations over coffee, food or Ellen. Which reminds me, 4 PM is my favorite time of day because I’m watching Ellen. As we all should.

My life has never been the same ever since Jesus became a person to me rather than a word. The reality of His grace, power and love changed my heart and continues to change it to this day. I was 13 and filled with passion to help others learn about Him. Here I am 11 years later writing my thoughts and life happenings. Unraveling the mysteries of grace every day. Learning true love, service and sacrifice.

Welcome to my chaos. Thanks for joining me and my family as we try to figure this thing called life out ! 😉