Little Levi


Today marks a month for Little Levi. He carries such a sweet presence. Super simple, mellow & relaxed. Judah naturally stepped up to “big brother” role. He tickles his toes, points out his eyes & nose, and asks “YOU OKAY?” when he hears Levi cry, sneeze or cough. The cutest is when Levi sneezes and coos afterward, Judah thinks its hysterical and giggles.

I’d be lying if I painted a picture perfect life within the past month. It’s been difficult. (Judah is getting over a cold & I currently have a sore throat which is totally not fun with a newborn) So I hope I don’t come across as perfect. But I honestly don’t want to write about the dark, confusing, frustrating, low patience, irritating, sleep deprived moments right now. I’m basking in the fact that I have two boys and a hot, funny, smart, hard working husband. That I live in a beautiful neighborhood, an apartment that soaks in sunlight & incredible friends that buy me donuts & coffee.

Levi is wearing size 3-6 month onesies, (Lord!). We are starting to plan Judah’s second birthday party, (What?!). And Zion Church is looking to have it’s first preview service within the next couple of months (Yaaas). I love my family. I love the blessings God has given me. I’m so thankful.

Judah is even starting to form sentences. “I did it!”, “What you DO-ing?” and “What color this?” are some of my favorites.

As for me, time is flying. It’s been hard to find the words lately. I’m honestly at a lost for them. But I’m glad I paused this morning and took the time to write. Now I’m on to the next feeding for Levi, blowing endless bubbles with Judah, and creating lifelong memories with Justin.

Thank you to all my family & friends who showered us with new baby gifts, dinner meals & sweets to get through the first few weeks with Levi. Community is a breath of fresh air during times like these.

Here is our mini photo session this morning to document Levi’s one month celebration.











Side note: I did not tell Judah to hold his hand! Kid knows how to pose for a photo!

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