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    Little Levi

    Today marks a month for Little Levi. He carries such a sweet presence. Super simple, mellow & relaxed. Judah naturally stepped up to “big brother” role. He tickles his toes, points out his…

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    Snot & Glitter

    Ever built an empire in your daydream? Mine consist of glitter, tons of glitter. Because shiny things have a special place in my heart. Just ask diamonds. They’ll tell you. Empires…

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    Feature: Justin Mattera

    Warning: This post is l-e-n-g-t-h-y!  If there is one thing Justin loves it’s a start up. The beginning stages of a movement, organization, entity- whatever word floats your boat. He’s got…

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    A Tea Date

    *warning: this post may be considered a tad extra gushy lovey dovey and I promise not all posts will walk in this direction but it kind of just happened and I…

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    Motherhood, Cake & Trust

    Having a second baby so soon after having Judah Bear has been daunting. Fears come and go, doubts surface and my trust in God is tested in what seems like every…

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    In Five Years

    Wedding Photographer: J’Adore Love Photography  My days have changed pretty drastically. Five years ago I was a sophomore in college. Justin’s girlfriend. Working a simple desk job on the side. Taking…

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    A Glimpse Of Me

    The days are long and the years are short. How true! So I’ve decided to write. I’m interested in stories. Life stories. Funny stories. Deep stories. Stories have lessons. Difficult or…